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For comprehensive and compassionate funeral services in St. Helens and across Merseyside, contact F.W. Marsh today. We have been arranging funerals since 1907.

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As experienced funeral directors, we take care of everything that needs to be done when someone dies, while offering you advice and support in the arrangement of the funeral.

Types of funeral can vary from the traditional to the modern (including eco-friendly). We provide all of the services that you would expect from a Funeral Director (or Undertaker), and also some you may not be familiar with.

Our role is to coordinate all the things that need to be done when someone dies. Also we see it as our duty to help you understand what needs to happen as the funeral draws near.

Our Services

We provide tailored funeral services that can be designed to meet your wishes down to the very last detail. We will work closely with you, guiding you through every step of the process, from registering a death to choosing a coffin and making arrangements for a suitable venue. Having worked within the local community for many years, we have established a reputation for sensitivity and compassionate service. Our aim is to help you through the practical side of dealing with the loss of a loved one, so that you are not unnecessarily burdened with responsibilities during such a difficult time. We can help with:

  • Arrangement of burial plots or cremations
  • Coffins, caskets and floral tributes
  • Providing funeral transport (hearse and limousines)
  • International repatriation, probate advice, liaising with local clergy and hospitals

Any wishes you might have can be discussed with us knowing that they will be carried out to the best of our ability. We believe we are very much part of the community and as such will be sensitive to your particular needs.

  • The posting of Notices/Obituaries
  • Floral Tributes
  • Arrangement of Burial plots
  • Arrangement of Cremations
  • Working closely with the local clergy and hospitals
  • Coleman Milne Vehicles (Hearse and Limousines)
  • Coffins/Caskets
  • Access to Bereavement services
  • Access to Memorial Masons
  • International Repatriation
  • Advice on Probate

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Exceptional reputation since 1907


Attentive, personal service


Professional funeral directors


Friendly and sensitive


Trusted across Merseyside

Thank you for everything

One person can make a difference and that person is you.

This comes with appreciation and warm wishes too,

What you did was special , It was so thoughtful of you.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Kindness and attention.

Thank You so much for all your help in arranging my dad’s funeral. Everything was flawless and perfectly done.

Thanks to everyone involved at FW Marsh.

All the best

F W Marsh

Just a little note to send a very special Thank You for the services provided to us for our bereavement. We Cant Thank You enough.

F W Marsh

I would like to thank all the staff for helping myself and family with our bereavement. you were all very considerate with our feelings, thank you so much.

F W Marsh

Thank you all so very much for looking after our very special mum. Brilliant send off, you all mad it very special for mum. Thank you so much

F W Marsh

Thank you for the kindness and compassion shown to me over the past several weeks following the death of my wife.  The service you provided was excellent.

F W Marsh

Thank you so much for your kind and friendly attitude and your wonderful service. You made this very difficult time a little easier.

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